Greenville’s Certified Personal Trainer

Wellness Coach and Sports Nutritionist

Millennia Nutrition and Fitness serves the entire Upstate area in South Carolina.  I also offer my services online to clients who are not in the Upstate area.  I focus on all areas of fitness, with personal training, nutrition coaching, and weight loss, being my primary areas of expertise.  However, I am also specialized in muscle gain, bikini competitions, pageant shows, geriatric fitness, aquatic exercises, sports performance, and much more!  I am unlike my competitors who try to make you believe that you need to take certain products in order to reach your goals. I put together accurate information to provide my clients with the right tools that they need in order to reach their goals.  My goal is to get you to a healthier, leaner, stronger body!   Whether you are an office worker trying to stay fit, or if you just want to look your best in a swimsuit, I am here to help you reach your goals faster,  by personalizing the right nutrition and training program just for you.

My methods have been proven over and over again, to improve not just physical appearance, but also overall health status. Millennia Nutrition and Fitness strives to bring health and performance together to accomplish the optimal, balanced outcome for my clients. I know you will feel and see the difference, as I help you make your lifestyle change by personalizing your nutrition and training program.

For your convenience, I offer my services in the comfort of your own home or gym! Don’t delay, call me today!


“Don’t put off tomorrow what you can do today” 

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